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While researching PIC-based ESCs, this material was discovered.

How to make an ESC without a PIC   1999-2002 Szydlowski Robert

Get an old servo where the servo amplifier still works. Cut off and remove the motor from the servo but leave some wire from one of the cables leading to the servo motor. Connect this cable to a 500 ohm resistor. Then connect that to the GATE (G in diagram) of the MOSFET. Find the negative wire of the servo which leads to the receiver, solder some wire onto it and connect that to the SOURCE (S) of the MOSFET and the negative port on the battery for the motor (note: this is not the battery for the receiver). Then connect the DRAIN (D) of the MOSFET to the negative port on the motor. Then connect the positive port of the motor to that of the battery. When using more than one MOSFET, use a separate resistor for each one (see diagram below).

 1999-2002 Szydlowski Robert

Notes by Ironsides


G = Gate

D = Drain

S = Source

The load (motor) is on the DRAIN

The MOSFET used in this example is the IRF530.  An IRL2203N or IRL1404 would be a better choice, but harder to find and more expensive than the IRF530.


 1999-2002 Szydlowski Robert


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